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The best accepted best for kitchen countertops in America, granite exudes actualization and warmth. Below, we outline how abundant granite countertops cost.

Phoenix Granite Countertops Superstore  5+ Granite Countertop Colors
Phoenix Granite Countertops Superstore 5+ Granite Countertop Colors | Granite Countertops

One of the best affected and abiding countertop abstracts accessible today, granite is featured in 64% of new homes. Abounding absolute homeowners additionally accept granite over bowl or quartz countertops back adjustment their kitchens.

Granite countertops are amid the best big-ticket options, costing abundant added than bowl asphalt or laminate. Amid higher-end options, though, granite presents a decidedly affordable boilerplate cost. The amount ambit for granite countertops varies broadly from higher-cost styles to bargain prices.

This adviser will altercate the absolute amount of granite countertops, the accustomed stone’s allowances and drawbacks, and how it compares to added options.

On average, granite countertops amount amid $40 and $60 per aboveboard foot. The amount depends on granite type, accession complexity, and added factors. Activity prices additionally alter based on location, artefact availability, and amount of living, which all advice actuate the installer’s bid.

When compared to added affluence options, granite countertop prices attending decidedly affordable:

Materials accomplish up about 40% to 50% of your budget, so granite countertops for a baby kitchen may run far below than for an average-size kitchen. Back free how abundant granite you need, bethink to add the aboveboard footage for your kitchen island if you accept one.

Granite’s constancy as a countertop actual depends on befitting it sealed. An apparent countertop can actualization stains, decidedly if you accept called a textured or awful able granite. Your installer should allowance the artefact aloft delivery, and you will allegation to reseal it about already per year afterwards that.

Once sealed, granite is almost accessible to maintain. Dust your countertops with a bendable bolt every week, and apple-pie up spills application apparent water, balmy detergent, or a cleaner that’s pH counterbalanced for granite.

To actuate back your countertop needs resealing, burst a few drops of baptize on it. If they bean up, your artefact is in abundant shape. If the granite absorbs the water, however, resealing is in order. You can appoint addition to reseal your countertop or acquirement a can of granite sealer and chase the instructions to do it yourself.

The amount for new countertops varies based on granite type, accession complexity, and added factors.

The amount of granite countertops depends on the blazon of granite you choose. All granite is a blazon of ablaze rock, but it comes in assorted grades and colors. 

High-quality granite actualization characteristic patterns and active or attenuate colors and may be quarried in the Mediterranean. High-end options can amount added than $100 per aboveboard bottom installed.

Granite Countertops Pros and Cons
Granite Countertops Pros and Cons | Granite Countertops

Less expensive, commercial-grade granite about comes in gray, black, or white and has been quarried in India, Brazil, or Canada. These account options alpha at $30 per aboveboard bottom installed. 

Mid-grade granite avalanche amid these two in both amount and aesthetics. Mid-range options ambit from $40 to $70 per aboveboard bottom installed. 

Countertop admeasurement will accept the better appulse on price. The beyond the countertop amplitude in your home, the added big-ticket it will be to alter it with new countertop material. 

In avant-garde American kitchens, the boilerplate countertop amplitude is about 30 aboveboard feet. This cardinal varies widely, according to a home’s attic plan. Beyond homes generally lath added countertop space.

Assuming you own a larger-than-average kitchen, your granite countertop could amount anywhere from $2,000 to $4,500. A abate countertop can amount as little as $1,200, while a absolutely all-embracing one can amount added than $6,000.

In general, the thicker the countertop, the college the price. That’s because thinner granite is usually advised a lower affection stone. While you can acquirement added countertop abstracts in three sizes, granite comes in bedding either 2 centimeters (cm) or 3 cm thick.

Countertops that attending like a blubbery slab of granite are about not as blubbery as they appear. These granite counters are created by application a calamus alliance to actualization a affecting edge. For these absorbing pieces, it’s all about the bend profile.

The amount of granite countertops additionally varies depending on your called bend profile. Typical bend profiles are straight, bevel, bullnose, ogee, eased, and custom. Each advantage has a altered attending and feel, so allotment the one that best fits your actualization is essential.

If your absolute countertop actualization a baby or thin-edge profile, installing granite countertops with a added bend can be tempting. This rarely works because the bend impacts the drawer fronts in the cabinetry below your countertops. If you appetite your kitchen adverse to attending like a granite slab, allocution with your installer about your options afore advance in the materials.

A countertop agent is a aperture cut into the countertop to lath a bore or cooktop. The agent amount will depend on the admeasurement and actualization of the aperture and the countertop material. 

The added cutouts you accept in your granite countertop, the added big-ticket it will be. The boilerplate amount for a basal bore agent is $200, but it can ambit from $100 to $500. This allegation comes on top of the fee for bore installation.

When you alpha allotment for your kitchen remodel, actual costs are alone one consideration. The amount of accession for your countertops can bifold your final cost. You may save on activity costs if you install your kitchen countertops yourself. 

What is the cost of granite counters? Work it out with expert
What is the cost of granite counters? Work it out with expert | Granite Countertops

A circuitous accession could put the job out of the boilerplate homeowner’s ability. At a minimum, you will accept to abolish the absolute countertops, actuate of them properly, cut your new granite countertops, install them, and ability the edges and corners.

Granite countertops add a blow of breeding to a kitchen or bath vanity. Besides the artful appeal, advance to granite may add amount to your home back you adjudge to put it on the market. Granite countertops action applied benefits, too, such as the following:

Granite is one of the hardest stones on earth, authoritative it an ideal actual for countertops. The stone’s backbone comes from its altered composition. Granite is fabricated of chain crystals aggressive to scratches, chipping, and staining. So if you try to allotment it with a knife blade, you will not leave a mark.

Granite is additionally awfully heat-resistant by nature. Back the bean was formed by calefaction and burden from magma below the earth’s crust, it will not bake if you set a hot pan on it. 

Granite countertops are accessible to clean, a big additional for active families or anyone who loves to cook. Spills apple-pie up quickly, and the apparent is aggressive to carving from best acerb substances.

Granite is a absorptive substance, so it can stain. As a best practice, blemish stains anon and apple-pie the kitchen counters‘ surfaces with a bendable bolt or sponge.

Also, be alert of best accepted domiciliary cleaners. Chemicals in abounding of these substances can eat abroad the finish, abrogation your granite kitchen countertops apparent to stains. Don’t use softer cleansers like adhesive cleaner back charwoman granite countertops as these can addled the stone’s shine. Instead, try a balmy soap-and-water band-aid or a custom-built cleaner for granite. 

Home sales activate in the kitchen. Consequently, 30% of absolute acreage agents acclaim advance in a kitchen advancement afore advertisement your home. Granite countertops are one of the best affordable and clear updates you can make.

Granite has been a basal in new and adapted American kitchens back the 1990s, back quarrying and aircraft the bean became added affordable. Today, the bean has become the go-to best for home builders and buyers.

Granite countertops appear in a advanced array of colors and patterns, so you can acquisition article to bout your aftertaste and style. 

Buyers can accept amid able or matte finishes, atramentous granite or white granite countertops, and aloof tones or aphotic leathered granite designs. Granite alike comes with altered veining patterns and swirls, which can adverse accurately with your cabinets, backsplash, or attic style.

Both quartz and granite action attractive, abiding options for kitchen countertops and bath vanities. While either can be a acceptable best for advance your kitchen, the differences amid the two appear bottomward to added than bald artful preferences.

5 Granite Kitchen Countertops for Every Type of Decor
5 Granite Kitchen Countertops for Every Type of Decor | Granite Countertops

Granite is a adamantine bean that has been quarried, cut, and able for use. Because of the way it is formed beneath the earth, no granite slab looks absolutely like another. The inclusions of altered minerals accomplish the granite’s colors, patterns, and swirls distinctive. 

Quartz countertops are fabricated from 95% arena quartz and 5% polymer. Quartz looks like a bland stone, authoritative it accessible to bout your kitchen. It is harder and hardly added abiding than granite, and back it does not accept to be quarried, it may be added environmentally friendly.

The amount of granite countertops ranges from $2,000 to $4,500, with the boilerplate homeowner spending about $3,000 on abstracts and installation. The amount varies based on several factors, including the blazon of granite, the admeasurement and actualization of your countertop, and whether you install it yourself or appoint a professional.

If you’re accessible with accoutrement and accept some acquaintance with home advance projects, you may be able to save money by accomplishing the assignment yourself. Best homeowners opt to appoint a able for the installation, as it is a circuitous activity that requires specialized accoutrement and knowledge.

Keep in apperception a few key factors back allotment a granite countertop installer. Be abiding to ask your abeyant installer the afterward questions:

Will you administer sealant, or does that amount extra?

Granite is an accomplished investment; it is durable, accessible to affliction for, and adds adorableness and amount to your home. Granite countertops additionally appear in beauteous colors, textures, patterns, sizes, and finishes. They add amore and backbone to your home’s appearance. They are not, however, accessible to install.

While lath or coat countertops may be ideal for your close DIYer, granite countertop accession is best done by professionals. You will pay for the service, but if you accept a affection craftsman, you run below accident of damaging your stone.

Granite is a accepted best for new countertops because it is beautiful, durable, heat-resistant, and accessible to clean. However, like any added countertop material, granite comes with a few downsides. One of the capital drawbacks of granite countertops is that they can be expensive, depending on the stone’s affection and from area you acquirement it. Accession can additionally be costly, so it’s capital to agency that in back because granite countertops for your home.

Granite is one of the best abiding countertop abstracts you can buy. Although porous, it resists calefaction and burden well. If your knife block off the acid lath or you accidentally set a hot pot on the countertop, granite has you covered. Back closed and adequate adjoin stains and mold, granite alike makes an ideal best for alfresco kitchens.

Granite countertops are cheaper than quartz in both boilerplate actual and accession costs. Granite costs $40 to $200 per aboveboard bottom and amid $35 and $85 per hour to install. Engineered quartz costs $55 to $155 per aboveboard bottom for abstracts and amid $50 and $200 for labor.

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Stunning granite countertop provided by Accent Interiors in Utah | Granite Countertops

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