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You may apperceive Tommy Smythe from TV. The Toronto-based artist served as HGTV ablaze Sarah Richardson’s additional in command for 19 years and was featured on her assorted shows: Architectonics Inc, Sarah’s House, Sarah’s Cottage, and Sarah Off the Grid. Back Smythe accelerating from his column at Sarah Richardson Architectonics in 2020, it was to alpha his own autogenous architectonics flat alleged TOM Architectonics Studio. While abbreviate for his aboriginal name, the “T” stands for acceptable and the “M” stands for modern—representing Smythe’s adulation of archetypal designs and absorption in what’s new and next. Alongside Lindsay Mens Craig and Kate Stuart, Smythe is a accomplice of the firm.

Unsurprisingly, the Toronto-based flat creates amazing designs that are abounding of personality. Smythe believes every admirable amplitude has one affair in common: It’s acutely alone and accurate to the actuality who lives in it. “I achievement that back bodies see the assignment I do for clients, they see the applicant and not me—that’s my 18-carat desire,” the artist says.

To get you bigger acquainted with Smythe as the ablaze of his own show—see: how he got into autogenous architectonics in the aboriginal abode and his admired allowance of all time (it’s abounding of books!)—we batten with the artist to apprentice it all. Afterwards reading, you accept a acceptable alibi to body out your claimed book collection… at the actual least!

House Beautiful: How did you get into the architectonics field?

Tommy Smythe: My grandmother Dorothea Smythe was an autogenous designer. Back I was growing up, I was apparent to a lot of change aural her homes. She had a few altered homes in altered places. They were all absolutely admirable and layered and interesting, and she was a actual accomplished person. Growing up with that, I developed an absorption in it and an bent for it. Again she started to appearance me things, booty me forth on trips to auctions and in the country, aloof array of fun excursions that alike added added my beginning adulation of the apple of design. So it was absolutely through immersion, to be honest. It wasn’t absolutely aloof article that was a ablaze ball moment. I was absolutely absorbed in autogenous architectonics and bed-making from my ancient memories because of her.

HB: So would you say she’s addition who has fabricated a huge appulse on your career so far?

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Modern Interior Design: 3 Best Tips for Creating Beautiful Interiors | Modern Interior Design

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TS: Definitely. Up until the day she died, we had a absolutely affectionate accord in agreement of my career development and the choices that I fabricated in developing my own home ambiance as well. To this day, I alive with so abounding things that were cast-offs of hers, breadth she would aloof array of say, “Oh, I bought new lamps for my bedroom. Do you appetite the old lamps?” And I would consistently say yes. I aloof took aggregate that I could possibly blot from her apple of admirable altar and adorning items. She had a huge appulse in that way and additionally from an admonition perspective. She was absolutely the aboriginal actuality who mentored me, which absolutely set me on a adventure of mentorship against academic education. I don’t accept a amount in autogenous design. I was not formally accomplished in the field. I absolutely was mentored by a scattering of amazing talents, starting with her and again array of continuing through a few added bodies who I formed with over the years who accomplished me aggregate I apperceive and how to advance my own point of appearance by celebratory how they had done that.

HB: That’s so admirable and one of the best means to learn.

TS: It’s the best way to apprentice about anything. It’s the best way to apprentice how to be a acceptable person. It’s the best way to apprentice sports. It’s the best way to apprentice languages. The apple of artistic pursuits is absolutely like languages. You accept to apprentice assertive things, but you additionally get to administer your own emphasis to it. I consistently attending at it like accent study. What are the attempt I absolutely charge to know? And again I analysis those on my own. I accept a actual all-encompassing library that I congenital over many, abounding decades of absorption and focus on architectonics and art and photography and cartography and all these things. So, you know, there are altered paths to a career in this business. That was mine—just immersing myself in it as abundant as accessible and gluttonous out the aggregation and adjacency of added abnormally accomplished people.

HB: Breadth do you attending for afflatus now?

TS: I consistently allocution about afflatus actuality article that is not absolutely what bodies anticipate it is. It’s absolutely not a ablaze ball moment. It’s not a vibe. It’s absolutely a practice, like yoga. It’s a convenance that you accept to administer to about aggregate you do. And it’s about observation—not aloof celebratory things and saying, Oh, I saw that, but absolutely saying, What did I accretion from seeing that? How was I abreast or accomplished or contrarily accomplished by seeing what I’m seeing? So abundant of it is beheld that a lot of it is additionally things like aftertaste and sounds. And certainly, biking inspires me. I anticipate any artistic actuality will acquaint you that traveling and seeing added cultures and added architectonics in altered regions is absolutely important to artistic life. But additionally added designers I’ve had epic, abundant friendships with all throughout North America and Europe affect me.

HB: Is there any allotment of admonition that stands out to you that you’ve received, given, or both?

TS: John Manuel, who is a abundant designer, was one of my advisers abounding years ago. He would move like a actuality who was in the attestant aegis program. He was consistently moving, but he had this actual all-encompassing and actual special, admirable library. I had a appropriate aptitude for alignment bookshelves. And so every time he moved, he would accept me ameliorate his book boxes and put them on bookshelves. One day, while I was accomplishing that, he said: “I don’t generally accord you specific advice, but I wanna acquaint you something. You adulation books. So what you charge to do is every time you get a paycheck for anything, buy a book. And what that will do is it will accord you a library that is article you will enjoy, and that will acquaint your assignment and your clandestine moments in the best adorning and acceptable way for the blow of your life. And back you’re too old to go anywhere, you can still go into those books and biking through them.”

It was aloof such abundantly brilliant, simple advice—the affectionate of admonition that anyone could follow. You can go to Amount Village or the Salvation Army and get books actual inexpensively. Or you can go to a absolutely admirable art book store. Anybody can allow to accept a library, and anybody can allow to adore books.

Now in my architectonics practice, I accredit to the books that I accept in my home daily. Back I’m attractive for something, back I’m attractive for a actual reference, I accept all the books by Mark Hampton, David Hicks, you know, all the abundant designers of the 20th century. Again I accept huge collections of art and photography books that absolutely do actually, on a circadian basis, accompany me joy but additionally accompany me the advice I charge to be able to serve my audience better. I apperceive all of that’s accessible online. But the acquaintance of sitting bottomward and activity through a book against activity online and arresting the advice is actual different.

HB: Are there any books you’re attractive advanced to account this year?

TS: The abatement book division is consistently so exciting. Rose Tarlow’s new book is out (called Rose Tarlow: Three Houses). I’m dying to apprehend that. Her aboriginal book, The Clandestine House, was one of the best affecting books for me. It has admirable pictures, but the argument in the book is so admirable and claimed and enriching. So I’m absolutely attractive advanced to this new one.

HB: What’s your admired room, anywhere of all time?

TS: My admired allowance is the library at Trinity College Dublin. It’s actual broadly accepted to be one of the best admirable apartment on Earth. It is the one allowance that back I’ve stood in it, which I’ve been advantageous abundant to do a few times, I feel as though, I could alive and die here. It’s aloof so abundantly admirable architecturally. It has all the accordance that you appetite from an old space, but it additionally feels timeless. It could be any decade.

Photo credit: Stefano Guidi – Getty Images

HB: How about your admired breadth to adorn in a home?

TS: Hallways because they’re so neglected, but we absorb so abundant time in them. Hallways are the aqueduct from allowance to allowance aural your home. We absolutely absorb a lot of time traveling from amplitude to amplitude aural our homes. But a lot of bodies don’t absolutely focus abundant activity or money or accomplishment on designing hallways. I adulation alive with audience on their hallways because they consistently say to me afterwards we’re done, “I’m so animated we absolutely paid absorption to those spaces because now back I airing through and I see that mirror at the end of the hall, instead of a bare wall. I’m admiring with the way it looks.” It’s a life-enhancing experience. It’s absolutely important to abode all of the spaces that you absorb time in because those are the spaces that are declared to accord you joy.

HB: Switching apparatus here: Is there annihilation we’d be afraid to apprentice about you?

TS: I can cook, and I’m not aerial maintenance. Bodies accept said to me, “You accept a acceptability for accepting big-ticket taste.” That’s not necessarily fair because my eye is accomplished to the amount that back I airing into an environment, my eye is anon admiring to the affair that’s fabricated with the best abstracts by the artist’s hand. And that should accept the accomplished amount in agreement of what you pay for it. So it’s a accustomed aptitude against those items. But I’m additionally not a high-maintenance person. I’m appealing easygoing, I don’t charge auberge apartment to be opulent. I aloof charge them to apple-pie and quiet. I’m absolutely self-sufficient.

HB: What do you like to cook?

TS: I’ve been absolutely vegan for four years. So my admired affair in the comestible branch is the claiming of authoritative some of my old pre-vegan favorites vegan. I do a lot of experimenting with recipes like craven pop pie and aggravating to get those kinds of abundance foods added in band with my belief now, which are absolutely about the ambiance and animals.

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